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As part of our effort to make information from the Washington Coalition for Gifted Education as accessible as possible, we’ve created a Facebook Page for the Coalition. “Like” us to receive notification of key Coalition events, links to articles of interest to advocates for highly capable children, and quick updates on the latest news affecting gifted education in Washington State. Details about our events and the status of our legislative efforts will continue to be found here. Facebook will allow us to reach out to gifted advocates more quickly, and help us build a stronger network of advocates from across the state.

The Washington Coalition for Gifted Education

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Parts one and two are about two outreach efforts of OSPI and the State Board of Education. Although both these efforts contain the word “Core” they are about entirely different subjects. Both are important to our students and deserve your attention and participation. Both are time-limited so check them out soon. Parts three and four are about the activities of the Coalition.

Part 1.  There are multiple opportunities for people across the state to participate in the OSPI webinars and public forums regarding adoption of the Common Core Standards. For a brief listing of dates and time, visit to the OSPI web site.  For a more detailed description of the background to this effort, you can read the press release here.  There is also an on-line survey link on this site.

Part 2.  Meanwhile, the State Board of Education is conducting a survey on the proposed changes for Graduation Requirements (Core 24). You can participate in this on-line survey here.

Part 3.  The Coalition is working hard to keep up with all the activities going on right now. 

  • We are studying the proposed new SBE rule on math credits to make sure it fits the needs of accelerated math students. 
  • We are closely following the work of the Highly Capable Program Technical Work Group which will make recommendations to the Quality Education Council and the Legislature which will affect the future of these essential programs. You can see the materials which the TWG members are using here.  Several individuals who are active in the leadership of the Coalition are members of this work group. 
  • We are working to establish partnerships with other education advocacy groups and soliciting their support for full implementation of the inclusion of gifted programs as a part of basic education, now scheduled for September 2011. We are also soliciting their support for full funding of these programs as contemplated in the education reform bill. 
  • We are working with the Data Governance Work Group to assure that the necessary data is gathered on participation in highly capable programs so that they can be properly evaluated. 
  • We keep a weather eye out on a daily basis for other actions which could impact the education of our gifted students and respond as needed. 
  • We have begun planning for Gifted Education Day, February 11, 2011. Due to the difficult fiscal situation in which the state finds itself. both the second supplemental budget for 2009-2010 and the biennial budget for 2011-2012 are going to be important issues for gifted programs. We need you and your children in Olympia on February 11 to talk with your legislators in support of full funding for highly capable programs.

Part 4.  We know money is tight for everyone these days, but it is especially tight for your Coalition. We do not have funds sufficient to pay our skilled lobbyist for her services in October. You can join all three Washington Gifted Organizations — the WCGE, the Northwest Gifted Child Association (NWGCA), and the Washington Association for Educators of the Talented and Gifted (WAETAG) at once using the Joint Membership Application, or you can choose to join WCGE by itself. Whichever you choose, we thank you in advance for your support.

This message has been sent to you by The Washington Coalition For Gifted Education. Comments or questions can be sent to  wagifted@earthlink.net or barbaragmaurer@yahoo.com.  If you wish to have your name added to their mailing list, send a notice to wagifted@earthlink.net.

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