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The Highly Capable Program Technical Working Group delivered its recommendations to the legislature this morning.  The full report can be viewed here.  The proposal represents the work of national and state leaders in the field of gifted education, and members of the Washington Coalition for Gifted Education were proud to have participated in the process.  Earlier this month a draft of the recommendations was presented to the Washington Quality Education Council.  It is now up to the QEC and the legislature to decide what the next steps for gifted will be.

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TVW has a recording of Gayle Pauley’s testimony before the Quality Education Council available for viewing. Her testimony is at the very start of the video.

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The Highly Capable Program Technical Working Group has concluded its major deliberations. Their recommendations will be presented to the QEC on Tuesday, November 16. Although the agenda has not yet been posted, we have been told that Gayle Pauley will be making the presentation at 1:00 and has an hour and a quarter to do so.  Check the QEC website for the agenda to verify the time.

This meeting of the QEC will be webcast live by TVW and will be archived for those unable to watch during the day.

The Coalition will make a short presentation in support of the recommendations.

Neither presentation is in final form as of right now but copies will be sent out when they become available.

Meantime, don’t forget to contact your legislators regarding funding. Highly Capable Programs are clearly on the “chopping block,” there is the possibility of a special session in early December to deal with the second supplemental budget, and there is the biennial budget to consider. The time to act is right now. See our last message for details on how to do this.

Thank you for your continuing support for our gifted students.

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The HCPTWG has published two of its proposed recommendations for public comment.  The first is the definition of a highly capable learner, and the second details the identification process.  The draft definition can be viewed here.  The identification document is a bit longer, and has been attached here for your viewing. 

Gayle Pauley asked this of those reviewing the proposed recommendations:

As you reflect on the attached definition of what a Highly Capable student is, please keep the questions below in mind as you provide feedback.
1.    Any errors of commission:  Have we included things that are not needed or will be “red flags?”
2.    Any errors of omission:  Have we left out any key on essential ideas, concepts, things?
3.    Unintended consequences:  Do you foresee any unintended consequences or difficulties that will emerge as a result of this?
4.    Any additional advice you have for the HCP Technical Working Group?

You can send comments to the HCPTWG directly (the most preferred option), comment here, or e-mail the Coalition with any questions or concerns.  The Coalition is well represented on the HCPTWG and will try to represent your thoughts during the next HCPTWG meeting.

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